Karen Tait Services, editor, proofreader, melbourne
Karen Tait Services, editor, proofreader, melbourne

Additional services

Karen Tait Services recommends the following:

The Squeezebox for typesetting, custom document formatting and small websites like this one.

I can establish what your project will involve once you call or email me (preferably including a sample and advice of your proposed deadline). I can then provide a quote and proceed either with online or hard copy.

Karen Tait Services looks forward to hearing from you.

E: karen@karentaitservices.com


I often get asked questions such as, 'Can you help me approach publishers?' and while my services don't include this type of assistance, I do advise writers to contact their writers’ centre. Writers Victoria provides courses/seminars and advice on all aspects of publishing, manuscript assessment and mentoring. Click here for their website.




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