‘Karen’s editing gave my manuscript the structure and direction it needed. Her keen eye for detail and feel for the narrative were essential to the book’s success.’

Phil Dimitriadis, writer, academic

What is the difference between proofreading and copyediting?

More often than not, Karen Tait Services is approached by clients saying they need their work ‘proofread’. After discussion and considering their project, it turns out that it actually needs ‘copyediting’ (or vice versa).

A proofread = to read copy for purposes of error detection and correction. Normally the last stage of the editing process. Click here for more information.

A copyedit = to prepare copy for typesetting by correcting and revising. The first or second stage of the editing process (depending on what you require).


: to prepare a text for publication by correcting errors and ensuring clarity and accuracy

Popular with self-publishers, this process may include suggestions for rewording, deletions and restructuring. More about the bigger picture than proofreading, copyediting ensures your work has achieved consistency in terms of writing style and format and focuses on the finer details of grammar.

This editing process ensures your work avoids ambiguity, the header gradings are correct, the format is consistent, the intext cross-references are correct, website links work, allocation of end matter and illustrations etc and can include basic formatting to prepare your manuscript for design.

During this process Karen Tait Services includes notes to the author/publisher about areas that may require improvement along with separate detailed notes. I do not, however, rewrite copy (or write the copy for you).

When you are happy with your manuscript, I can then provide an optional additional final proofread.

For example:

• all non-fiction including travel guides and mind, body, spirit publications

• children’s and YA books

• corporate communications and government policy documentation

• advertising and press materials

The process is very simple, here's how it works.

Contact me for my rates. I’ve been told that they are reasonable.

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