‘Karen’s suggestions led me to create a cover letter and cv that stood out from the rest and displayed
my writing skills. It is a testament to her skills
that the potential employer contacted me within a
few days of receiving
my application.’

Leeyong Soo, sub-editor,
Fairfax Media

How it works

Proofreading and copyediting

• We agree on a deadline, scope of my services (working with hard copy or online) and a fee.

• You email me or post me a copy.


• I proofread/copyedit the work with track changes in Microsoft Word or Acrobat Pro PDF. This includes ‘comments’ in the document for you to address and consider.

• I then email it to you for approval.

• Either you take in the changes (accept/reject) and amend the copy according to the suggested comments or email it back to me to take in the changes.

Hard copy

Please contact me about the process for hard copy.

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Transcription typing

• We agree on a deadline, scope of my services and a fee.

• You advise if you want the work formatted for a specific purpose; for example – an elegant family history
or whether it has to adhere to a formal format according to established standards or whether you want a straightforward Microsoft Word document.

• You deliver to me the sound files/video files/scan of handwritten notes. MP3 files can be emailed or provided on a USB stick.

• I can convert the video files into sound files if needed.

• I type up the notes. This may involve researching words as I go (i.e. foreign spelling, names of places).

• I can time-code the work according to your needs.

• I proofread the work.

• I format the notes into a simple Microsoft Word document.

• I email it back to you.

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