Karen Tait Services, editor, proofreader, melbourne
Karen Tait Services, editor, proofreader, melbourne

‘Karen Tait transcribed
an oral presentation
for me and managed
to turn something that was circular and unfocused into a logical, cogent document.’

Ned Manning,
author, actor, teacher

Transcription typing

: converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document

I type like the clappers (clapper: 15th century word for rabbit hutch) and can turn your oral histories/interviews or handwritten notes into a formatted document. After all, who has the time to do it themselves?

No matter how sophisticated technology has become, which software can check that the sentences make sense? That what sounds like ‘fistful clip’ is actually fiscal cliff?; that your cc’es shorthand mean circumstances? That The Box was a television show and should be italicised? That for Elise is actually the German composition Für Elise.

For example:

• Memoirs

• Family histories

• Interviews

• Lecture/conference notes

• Drafts

The process is very simple, here's how it works.

Contact me for my rates. I’ve been told that they are reasonable.

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