I believe that words
are weapons. And that
to effectively achieve
a mission, they need to
be A1.

Karen Tait’s Editing and Proofreading Services can help you fine-tune your artillery to hit the right targets.

Karen Tait Services, editor, proofreader, melbourne

Does your book/magazine/newsletter/website need proofreading or a final ‘sweep’?

Does your annual report/policy plan need copyediting or another ‘eye’?

Karen Tait is a proofreader/copyeditor par excellence who turns work around quickly.

No project is too big or small.

Karen Tait Services, editor, proofreader, melbourne

Karen Tait Services offers:

Proofreading: from annual reports and educational textbooks to children’s books and romance novels

Copyediting: from spiritual guides to photographic travel books

Transcription typing: oral or handwritten



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