Karen Tait Services, editor, proofreader, melbourne
Karen Tait Services, editor, proofreader, melbourne

‘Karen’s proofreading
was thorough and totally professional. She provided detailed notes for both editor and author and she beat the deadline. I have no hesitation in recommending Karen Tait’s services.’

John Weldon,
novelist, writer, academic

‘My warmest thanks
to proofreader par excellence Karen Tait whose suggestions were the icing on the cake.’

David Dale, author

What is the difference between proofreading and copyediting?

More often than not, Karen Tait Services is approached by clients saying they need their work ‘proofread’. After discussion and considering their project, it turns out that it actually needs ‘copyediting’ (or vice versa).

A proofread = to read copy for purposes of error detection and correction. Normally the last stage of the editing process.

A copyedit = to correct and prepare copy for typesetting and printing, by correcting and revising. The first
or second stage of the editing process (depending on what you require). Click here for more information.


: to read the proofs of a text and mark corrections to be made

I love doing the final ‘sweep’, which sounds like I am cleaning your document. In fact, that’s what I am doing!

I double-check and look for consistency in spelling, grammar, format, omissions, repetitions, financial documentation – in just about anything, really. This includes ensuring all author amendments/additions
have been incorporated, checking the illustrations and pedagogical information (graphs, figures, tables etc), cross-checking citations/footnotes and references, end matter, and ensuring the formatting is consistent
and correct.

For example:

• Annual reports

• Fiction and non-fiction

• Children’s and YA books

• Academic texts

• Educational texts

• Postgraduate theses

• Corporate and business communications

• Advertising and press materials

• Artists’ grants

The process is very simple, here's how it works.

Contact me for my rates. I’ve been told that they are reasonable.

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